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The Delambre butcher’s shop is a butchery located at Rue Delambre in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The team offers you the best meats every day.

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Label Rouge

In our shop, find quality meat certified « Label Rouge ».The Label Rouge is a French sign which designates products which, by their conditions of production or manufacture, have a superior level of quality compared to products of their range.

Label Rouge
Vache Limousine
Vache Limousine

Limousin Meat

The meat of the Limousin breed combines tenderness and taste. Benefiting from pastures enriched by abundant water, regular sunshine and rich soil, Limousin meat, which is not very fatty but slightly marbled, will ensure flavour, softness and juiciness in the mouth.

Organic agriculture

All our products are organically produced. Organic farming is a production method that finds its originality in the use of cultivation and breeding practices that respect the natural balance. Thus, it excludes the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs.

Certification Bio
Vache Limousine
Vache Limousine

Free-range veal raised under the mother

Linked to a specific method of rearing, farm-raised veal is an exceptional product. From the main beef breeds of Occitania (Blonde d’Aquitaine, Limousine, Bazadaise Charolaise Gasconne and Aubrac), it is most often raised on family farms according to a traditional breeding method and suckles at least twice a day.

Gault & Millau

Boucherie Delambre has appeared many times in the Gault & Milieu. The Gault & Milieu is a French culinary guide that lists the various members of the great gastronomy.

Gault et millau
Jambon Blanc Prince de Paris
Jambon Blanc Prince de Paris

Prince of Paris

The Prince de Paris white ham is an emblematic product offered by some of the best Parisian establishments. Entirely hand-made, it is prepared with a Guérande salt brine which gives it a delicious taste.


« Ollca is the result of a meeting between lovers of local products who decided, after facing the sad fact that local shopkeepers were being abandoned in favour of industrialists, to look at the shop windows of these passionate craftsmen to give them a little boost, bringing a new lease of life. »

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Our wines

In our butcher’s shop you will find different wines to accompany your meat. Our red and rosé wines will delight you. For your little moments and your big occasions, the Boucherie Delambre offers you wonderful wines!

Vins rosé

Produit de la table

Nous travaillons avec de nombreux producteurs pour vous proposer un ensemble de produits gourmets et gourmands. Soupes, légumes, huiles d’olives, sauces ou encore foies gras vous attendent dans notre boutique.
Produit de la table
Produit de la table

Table products

We work with many producers to offer you a wide range of gourmet products. Soups, vegetables, olive oils, sauces and foie gras are waiting for you in our shop.